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AB āti `grass' [ B atiyo () `grass' (Adams 9)] (differently Pedersen Toch. branch Germanic: *at-isk-a-, while in Anatolian branch the root was suffixed with common PIE -tar formant. Page(s): 3 Root / lemma: ad-2 English meaning: to establish, put in order German meaning: `festsetzen, ordnen' Material: Umbr. addas `suitable', eddyl (*adilo-) `duty, purpose'; probably also germ. Hence she is often referred to as Kypris and Cytherea. (*Α῎βροι) afronj `bring close, squeeze', afër `near' similar to formations of lett. From the ἀφρός `aphros ("sea foam")' arose Aphrodite, and the sea carried her to either Cyprus or Cythera. Page(s): 2-3 -p- attested in Greek, Illyrian and Celtic languages] derived Root / lemma: ab- : (water, river) and Root / lemma: ā̆p-2 : `water, river'. The West German Fl N in -apa, nhd.-affa, probably go back partly to usually lost westgerm.

arsie (*adio-) `venerable, august, divine, sacred, pure, holy (very freq.

Page(s): 3 Root / lemma: ad(u)-, ad-ro- (*heĝhero) English meaning: water current German meaning: `Wasserlauf' Note: From Root / lemma: angʷ(h)i- : `snake, worm' derived Root / lemma: akʷā- (more properly ǝkʷā): ēkʷ- : `water, river'; Root / lemma: eĝhero- : `lake, inner sea'; Root / lemma: ad(u)-, ad-ro- : `water current': Illyr.

From Root / lemma: akʷā- `water, river' nasalized in *aku̯ent- (suffixed in -er, -or) derived Root / lemma: au̯(e)-9, au̯ed-, au̯er- : `to flow, to wet; water, etc.

ail `hurt; indisposed his'), eglian `to be felt painfully', mnd.

eg(e)le `offensive, unwieldy, unfortunate', eglan add `pain' (engl. agluba `δύσκολος, difficult'; also (with puzzling suffix) got.

Fl N Ad(d)ua (for Po), *Aduli̯a Eder (Hessen), maybe also PN Adria in Venetien (afterwards mare Adriaticum), sizil. 24; about Atlas as a personification of the world axis Tièche Mus.

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