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If a mould has formed on the skin, just trim it off with a sharp knife: the cheese underneath will be quite safe.Really hard cheese, such as Parmesan, is routinely aged for two years or more.Armed with the information above, and a good sense of smell and taste to help you, here’s my guide to eating safely — while minimising waste.Hard cheese is fine to eat long after the ‘Best Before’ date.They may vary widely and are usually set by supermarkets as part of their stock rotation system.Instead of leaving food on the shelf until it sells, supermarkets refresh their displays regularly: ‘Sell By’ was actually invented to help staff choose what to chuck — much of it perfectly nutritious and healthy — and not to scare shoppers.I don’t buy bread that contains these E number additives.I find sourdough bread, made solely from simple, homespun ingredients, tastes superior and keeps much better.

Never take risks with soft cheeses and check the ‘Use By’ dates carefully. Drying is one of many methods that preserves food almost indefinitely.

Don’t, for instance, take any risks with supermarket chicken, which is likely to have very dangerous food poisoning bacteria on its surface, or with ready-meals, which also may contain high levels of bacteria beyond the ‘Use By’ date.

In contrast, the ‘Sell by’ and ‘Best Before’ dates are merely advisory standards.

But using up old stocks certainly can’t hurt you What my grandmother and others of her generation relied on was the ‘smell and test’ test.

If it smelled bad, then it probably tasted bad, too.

I believe this is perfectly timed to take advantage of the public’s desire for a return to common sense when it comes to what we consume and an end to the needless binning of perfectly good food.

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Private sex dates london