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Oracle if updating field

If the FF has three return values, those three will be populated in the LOV.A payroll calculation formula is capable of returning many values.We will concentrate on the most widely used one; the payroll calculation formula.

However, we can change it if any specific requirement forces it to be updated. However the actual places where the values are stored / recorded by the elements are known as Input Values.

The later then takes it as an Input and processes its calculation.

Continuing with our example, If Bonus needs to be 15% of the regular Salary.

The best practice is to use suffixes to identify types of elements.

Actual Term date: The element ends as of Termination Date Last Standard Process date: The element ends as of the pay period end date on or after the termination date Final Close Date: The element ends as of the final settlement date mentioned, as per the termination record.

That will give us the money to be credited to the employee's payroll.

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Oracle if updating field introduction

Oracle if updating field

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