Definition of invalidating

Unfortunately, the Supreme commercial court does not explain how court practice relating to human rights in civil proceedings might relate to the choice of means for settling disputes by the parties to a commercial transaction and why the possibility of applying only for arbitration to resolve a dispute constitutes infringement of the procedural rights of RTC (after all, arbitration would be quite capable of ensuring fair and comprehensive consideration of the dispute).

The conclusions contained in the Resolution run counter to global practice and differ fundamentally from the existing practice of lower courts in the Russian Federation, which have repeatedly confirmed the validity of alternative arbitration clauses (see, for example, case Nos.

Colourquest suffered severe damage in 2005 as a result of the explosion at the nearby Buncefield oil refinery.

In order to minimise these risks, going forward it is essential to be extremely careful about the wording of provisions in the agreement on dispute resolution, to avoid including asymmetrical clauses in future agreements and, if possible, to have them deleted from current ones.

Sony Ericsson (the supplier) and RTC (the buyer) concluded an agreement on supply of mobile telephones, including a condition in it that all disputes would be subject to arbitration (the International Chamber of Commerce) but also entitling Sony Ericsson to file a claim with a court of any competent jurisdiction for recovery of debt for goods supplied.

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Unfortunately, the Supreme commercial court did not support this logic.

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Definition of invalidating introduction

Definition of invalidating

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