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Moreover, the analyst noted, "it's not even necessary to keep ships there on a regular bases, especially considering that we could not do this even if we wanted to – we simply do not have enough ships.

But maintaining the necessary infrastructure or even simply using Vietnamese infrastructure would be enough to provide for a military presence.

In other words, he stated his country's official position, and it can be interpreted as an invitation which, in my opinion, we simply cannot refuse." In fact, Ivashov noted, "There is no doubt that we must return to Cam Ranh.Other Russian weapons systems ordered by Hanoi include the Molnya missile boats, Gepard 3.9 patrol frigates, and Su-30MK2 all-weather long-range strike fighters.Asked about the prospects for further cooperation, Retired Col. Leonid Ivashov, the president of the Moscow-based Academy of Geopolitical Problems, who participated in the negotiations on Cam Ranh in 1998-2000, emphasized that the ambassador's words are "not just empty rhetoric." "I believe that the Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Sean was not simply expressing his personal opinion.Firstly, this is one of the most comfortable and deepest bays not just on the shores of the South China Sea, but in the entire Asia-Pacific region.Secondly, the base not only has six quays for our ships, but also an airfield, built by the Soviet Union and which used to stage Soviet strategic and ASW aircraft, spy planes, and fielded an electronic tracking station." "Today," the officer added, "we have once again begun more actively coming out onto the world's oceans, and have our own strategic interests to defend.

In this regard, our military presence in the Asia-Pacific region is essential.

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Condition cam introduction

Condition cam

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